Italian Espresso ROMANCE

A dream of an artisan from Trieste came true.In Trieste you can breathe coffee in the air. A coffee story so fascinating to attract Dioniso Bazzara who in 1966 decided to take over the roasting company “La Brasiliana-Industria Triestina del Caffè”. Since that day, the Bazzara family has been selecting the best qualities of Arabica and Robusta with love, in order to give you an exquisite taste of the Italian lifestyle. The blends are always created through a process of slow roasting, thanks to the precious experience of our master roasters. This process ensures that carefully selected beans –roasted to order- undergo the necessary chemical changes in order to release the finest aromas, exalting the organoleptic qualities of each blend and giving the beans their distinct brown colour called “monk’s tunic”.




A city famously devoted to the culture of fine coffee. A simple beverage or a meeting place? Tradition or innovative research? Coffee in Trieste is all of this and much more. Today coffee has a modern take on a history that dates back to the XVIII century, when the people of Trieste first started to process, roast and sip coffee in the elegance of the city’s historic cafes. Trieste is still the gateway for green coffee in Italy and a place of innovation and research, fundamental resource both for our clients and us. Our port is a privileged route due to the high concentration of companies specialized in importing, handling and processing coffee, meaning that we can select and offer the best coffee beans coming from the best batches.